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This is a list of the American Thunder segments that featured Vengeance Motorcycles. There a a few missing episodes that we will work on finding and posting.

Charity & Owners Rides

Vengeance Owners Ride at Biketoberfest in Daytona, FL
Vengeance is "Rollin for the Kids" with Fender Guitars

Michele Smith & Natalie Jackson with Hotbike Vindicator Winner at Daytona Bike Week
Rock-n-Country Charity Ride Part III
Rock-n-Country Charity Ride Part II
Rock-n-Country Charity Ride Part I
Vengeance Owners Ride in Laughlin, NV

Technical Information

Vindicator NHTSA Brake Testing
Ted Metcalf S&S 113ci Assembly & Break-in

Bike Profiles & Reviews

Vengeance Whiplash Introduction at V-Twin West
TP124ci & Raven Trike prototype in Sturgis, SD
Vengeance Maxis Introduction in Riverside, CA

Vengeance Dealer Interviews from the V-twin Expo in Cincinnati, OH

Bone Crusher  Introduction at the V-twin ExpoBone Crusher Introduction at the V-twin Expo

Natalie Jackson Test Rides the Widow
Natalie Jackson Test Rides the Vengeance Bone Crusher
Vengeance Bone Crusher Final Assembly
Vengeance Bone Crusher Design & Prototype
Vengeance Video
Teacher Prototype 'Rolling Bones'

Celebrity Riders and Interviews

Vengeance Temecula Wine Country Ride with Dan Haggerty
Vengeance Rides with Neal Schon of Journey
Vengeance Hangs out Backstage with Def Leppard

Vengeance Rides with Keith Anderson

Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bently and the ACM Charity Ride II

ACM Charity Ride I
Montgmery Gentry at the Buffalo Chip

Vengeance Rides with Nascars drivers Biffle, Green, Grissom Vengeance Rides with Nascars drivers Biffle, Green, Grissom

Vengeance on location filming Retirement
Lorenzo Lamas rides a Vengeance Warrior at the Love Ride
Rock-n-Country Charity Ride


Michele Smith Vendetta Build

Michele Smith gets Vengeance to build her a new Chopper
Michele Smith checks out the Vengeance model line-up
Michele Smith tours the Vengeance factory in CA
Michele Smith is fitted for her new Vengeance Chopper
Michele Smith picks out the Colors & Graphics
Michele Smith checks out the Vertebreaker & Widow at Daytona Bike Week
Michele Smith gets an overview of the building of her Vendetta
Michele Smith helps Ted Metcalf assemble her S&S 113ci Motor
Michele Smith personalizes her new Vengeance Vendetta
Vengeance Michele Smith the paint arrives to complete the Vendetta build
Michele Smith Reveals her new Vendetta in Sturgis, SD
Michele Smith takes her Vendetta for a ride

Steve Natt Riders Tips

Steve Natt Rides the Vengeance Raider
Steve Natt Rides the Vengeance Banshee


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