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DeLuxe brings Simplicity to the Chopper PDF Print E-mail

The new Vengeance DeLuxe strips away the pretension and boils down to the basics of the hotrod chopper. The DeLuxe features a curved single-downtube frame with 40? of rake a 2" of stretch in the backbone with 4" in the down-tubes. The 8" over inverted front-end and the soft-style suspension with hard-tail fender create an amazing look with an incredible ride. The DeLuxe comes standard with our exclusive natural finish round-cylinder S&S “Hotrod” 92ci engine, a RSD 6-Speed transmission and a 280 series rear tire. Best of all the DeLuxe is available starting at $24,995.


Options for the DeLuxe include:
• Custom Paint & Graphics to make your DeLuxe truly one of a kind.
• Chrome Billet Wheels when you want to roll with a little extra bling.
• Braided Stainless Oil Lines the touch that takes your bike to the next level.
• S&S 107ci or TP 124ci Motors to provide extra power and torque.
• Open Belt Primary Drive to help move those extra ponies to the rear wheel.
• Dual front Disc Brakes to get that extra stopping power.
• Oil Cooler to give your motor a little extra love.
• Sissybar, P-Pad & Passenger Pegs so you can take your friend for a ride.

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