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Vengeance follows a rich tradition in motorcycle history.

Vengeance brand motorcycles began production in the fall of 2002 answering the demand for high-quality, all-American, custom, heavy-weight, V-twin powered cruisers and choppers. The type of motorcycles Vengeance builds are part of a rich tradition in American folklore that have been immortalized in movies like “The Wild Ones”, “Easyrider” and “Electra Glide in Blue”. Our bikes are the embodiment of classic Americana like hot rods, baseball and apple pie.

Vengeance was founded by a group of dedicated enthusiasts with a lifetime of experience riding and building custom motorcycles, Vengeance has become the ultimate in custom designed, professionally manufactured, high-performance motorcycles. Our choppers and cruisers are an over-the-top statement packed with horsepower, chrome and beautiful custom paint. These motorcycles reflect the free spirit, muscle and confidence that America has become known for worldwide. Vengeance motorcycles leave a lasting statement wherever they are seen.

Vengeance has become recognized as the quality fit and finish leader in the custom motorcycle industry. With dealers nationwide, Vengeance motorcycles are easily financed and insured and have excellent resale value as listed in the N.A.D.A. guide and the Kelly Blue Book. If you are looking for quality craftsmanship, style, design, dependability and performance all in one package, you'll have the experience of a lifetime when you ride a Vengeance Motorcycle.

Vengeance Motorcycles Current Status

Due to economic constraints resulting from a declining market in December 2007 Vengeance ceased all operations. It was a fun ride!


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